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About Us

Country Heirlooms is an appliqué design company that has been in business since 1989.   We evolved due to a lack of full size applique patterns.  We currently travel across the United States vending at various quilt shows.

We have designed 9 appliqué quilt patterns, 16 wall hanging patterns, and a line of baby quilt patterns, table runner patterns, and pillow patterns.

We also carry a full line of fabric kits for quilts and wall hangings.  We have recently expanded our products to include Whole Cloth Quilts, Quilters Rule tools, Anita Shackelford tools, and much more.  It is our pleasure to serve you for your quilting passion, and needs.

Who We Are!

We are Keith and Sharon Kennedy

     It has been a very difficult decision for us, but, after 12 years, we have decided to close down our store, Country Bear Creations.  

     We plan to continue traveling to quilt shows, teach and design appliqué;quilt and wallhanging patterns.

   Country Heirlooms evolved from our students' constant hunger for new appliqué quilt designs.  One student wanted to make a pansy quilt and was unable to find a pattern that we liked and would fit our method of teaching.  So, with a lot of help and encouragement from our friends and students, we designed our first quilt, "The Pansy" (original title, don't you think?). 

From that one quilt, we have designed 9 appliqué quilt patterns, 14 wall hanging patterns, and a line of baby quilt patterns, table runner patterns, and pillow pattern.

We have expanded our products to include whole cloth quilts, Quilters Rule Tools, Anita Schackelford Tools, Miracle Marking Chalk products, and much more.


Carrie is in charge of all of our shipping, handles lots of phone calls and e-mail when we are away.  

     Since our customers wanted a way to display their quilts and wall hangings in their home, Keith and Carrie went to work and made quilt shelves and quilt stands, from native Pennsylvania Oak and Cherry.

     In the fall of 2002, we all decided to relocate to Central Virginia where Carrie is now teaching kindergarten.  She continues to do all of the shipping and handles phone calls and e-mail when we are away.

    We continually strive to meet the needs of our students and clients through our merchandise, pattern designs, classes and workshops.  Now as we enter the 21st century, "cyber quilters" from across the country can access our products more readily.

Our Shelties



In Memory of Patches


Feb. 11 1990 - May 7, 2005


    Love brought you into our lives for 15 wonderful years.  Your strength, faithfulness, patience, love and companionship has brought us great joy.  You've learned a lot of things and have made many memories with us that will last a lifetime.  You will always have that special place in our hearts meant for you alone. 

    Keep smiling and shining my friend.  May you always be strong and know that we are doing fine without you even though it is hard.  You will always be our Patchy and we will love you forever.  

    Sleep peacefully Patchy, and know we are sleeping under the same bright star.

We Love You!


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